Don’t Call it a Comeback

Hi guys! looks like I might be back.  I have some shit to say.

Maybe we should start over? A LOT has happening since my last post in 2016-

I moved in with my boyfriend of 3 years in November, 5 months later in April he told me to get the fuck out and that’s  exactly what I did and haven’t looked back since.

3 months after that whole event, I fell in love with some sexy  old dude at a shitty dive bar. Sexy in my terms, 100% no one else’s.  He was 51. Seriously. This was one of those big loves. But, sometimes shit just doesn’t work out and you have to say fuck it and move on. I’m at the “go fuck yourself you piece of shit” stage of the moving on process.

I went to a music festival in Seattle which was most likely one of my better weekends. Not sure how I made it out alive, the first night I don’t think I did. The 51 year old couldn’t understand why I would go to such an event and not a concert that had seats and relaxing music- add it to the list of reasons why we broke up.

The following weekend after Seattle, the two of us went to Florida for my birthday. It was one of those out of a movie type of weekends. Everything we did was perfect.  Add it to the list of reasons why I’m in the go fuck yourself stage. Don’t make me fall in love with you just to leave me. YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

and last but not least, last month I had surgery on my ass- you read it right. we’ll go back to this one later on.

Until next time,  XOXO (can you tell I’m binge watching Gossip Girl?)  download.jpg



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