WTF Wednesday::

Lately I have been addicted to online gambling. I don’t know who the fuck I am but that’s basically why last week there was no WTF Wednesday post. Yesterday at work I was up $600. Gone in 2 hours. Great. WTF.image

At least it’s (somewhat) better than the Monk who lost $230,000 from his temple. Apparently he wrongfully withdrew the money from the temples bank account. Are you fucking kidding?! The monk was lying at the temples meetings saying that the temples financial situation was not good. I thought monks were like REALLY good people? I guess this is why happens when you keep people locked up and starved and not being able to talk for years. This guy is probably sitting at a blackjack table smoking cigarettes, throwing back Michelob Ultra loving his fucking life. Now he’s in jail for 30 months because he wanted to have some fun. Can’t blame him though.image

In other exciting news: Lindsay Lohan is going bananas!She’s claiming that she’s pregnant to get the attention of her 22 year old millionaire boyfriend who wants nothing to do with her. He’s partying with prostitutes instead of returning any of her calls and texts. This is amazing. I love when girls go crazy. We’re all crazy. My favorite is when girls say “I’m not like her, I’m not crazy” BITCH sit the fuck down. You know DAMN well that a thought has crossed your mind to claim your pregnant just to get him to stay. Now maybe most of us don’t act on it like Lindsay did but she’s had a fucked up life and probably needs to marry this millionaire because her parents stole all her money. I support crazy Lindsay Lohan 100%image


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