We’re not in Kansas anymore::

Today I have one thing and one thing only that I want to talk about. I was skimming through the new GQ magazine where Kim Kardashian is basically naked until we get to the picture where she IS naked and her nipple is there for the whole world to see. I guess we all already saw her getting banged by Ray J so, whatever.image.png

But onto what really matters. There’s an article that’s titled “The Secret Life of Americas Greatest Swinger” naturally I wanted to read this. Until I realized the article was about 5 pages long and I said fuck this and skipped to the good part. The part where they gave me everything I never wanted to see and never knew existed.image

Look, I somewhat understand the clown dating because really who wants to date a full blown clown besides other clowns? It’s fine. Do what you gotta do. The stache passions was a little weird but I guess some people are super horny for mustaches. Whatever. But let’s talk about dailydiapers.com , I needed to check out the website before posting this and holy fuck was that the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I clicked on videos and then wondered what the fuck did I just get myself into?? It’s guys getting turned on pissing themselves and shitting themselves in depends. Like enough already. What happened to you as a child? Something had to, you don’t just turn out like this. Are people really going to get off to this?? I think maybe in Kansas and like Iowa and random places where there’s nothing else to do. I don’t fucking know, but now I’m traumatized for life. I saw this entire thing on an episode of Law & Order SVU so basically I’m erasing my browser history and getting the fuck out.

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