WTF Wednesday::

I want to start off by saying WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
This guy who is being sentenced to 40 years in Prison for 30 charges of breaking and entering and safe-cracking and so on…got so fucking pissed after hearing he was going to jail for 40 years tried to throw POOP at the judge. He was holding onto his own poop and just fucking threw it. It’s amazing. Who could blame him though ? 40 years? Like are fucking kidding? What would you even do if a judge told you that you’re going to jail for 40 years? Only option is throw poop at the judge. Classic move. I love this guy.

Umm anyhow. I just found a fantastic prank for next April fools day. Or tomorrow..Watch the fuck out. I came across a video of a husband pranking his wife by putting baby powder in her hair dryer. I’ve never seen this prank before. Although this one went COMPLETELY and HORRIBLY wrong. The fucking hair dryer caught on fire! The video is below. A must watch. But seriously how fucking pissed would you be if you just got out of the shower and are getting ready for work and baby powder fucking exploded out of your hair dryer. I can’t wait to do this to someone.

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