WTF Wednesday~

There’s a few things that I’ll never understand and why they still go on and today is WTF Wednesday so it’s a perfect day to express these feelings.

A man verbally assaulted a woman who was breastfeeding her baby at a target in Connecticut. She was sitting in the food court in a semi private area and this old dude comes at her yelling “you’re fucking disgusting, you’re a whore. This went on for a full 2 minutes. At least on video. Enough already guy. Shut it down. In Connecticut, it is a legally protected right to breast feed in Connecticut. Women can breastfeed in public places and workplaces. So this guy has zero right to yell like this. It’s 2016, you just can’t act like this anymore. Maybe this guy has been living under a rock or maybe he never saw milky tits before but take your target food court pizza to go and get the fuck out. No one likes you. Here’s the video if you have 2 minutes to spare.

Also WTF is going on with Taylor Swift? And why do we care so much? Taylor and Calvin Harris broke up a month ago and people are freaking out that they are both deleting pictures off their social media accounts from when they were together. WHAT THE FUCK! Who gives a fuck?! Why is this such a big deal!? Now people are going crazy over the fact that she must be dating some guy named Tom Hiddleston? I have zero clue who this guy is and I almost feel like I should know be said everyone else seems to know. But I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care who Taylor is dating and I don’t think anyone else should either. I can barely keep my own relationship together. This is out of control. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. I’m over it.image

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