Ok Wednesday, You Win. ~

Let’s say about 77% of the time when I sit down to write WTF Wednesday I don’t know what I’m going to write about and I wonder if I’ll ever find anything worthwhile. Well, today the Internet gave us some fucking greatness. It’s almost as if we were knockin on Heaven’s door and we got some November Rain. (I had to)

imageThis is by far one of my absolute favorite stories. AXL ROSE IS BEING FAT SHAMED!
He sent Google a notice demanding the photos from a concert in 2010 when he was much heavier be taken down. Google doesn’t give a fuck. They aren’t taking the pictures down. Probably because they are laughing just like the rest of. WTF Axl? Man up. You were fat in 2010 and now you lost the weight. We get it, you want people to see how good you look but hey, at least people are talking about you! When’s the last time fucking Axl Rose has been brought up in any fucking conversation? But now? EVERYONE’S talking about you! Don’t Cry, Sweet Child O’ Mine. (Had to again) anyway, here’s some of the most hilarious fat shaming memes of Axl.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fuck, I wasn’t going to write about anything else because #FatAxl is pure perfection on its own BUT, This is fucking fantastic. This little girl tried to draw a bunch of giraffes with sidewalk chalk but accidentally drew a bunch of dicks! (Oops) She has no clue what she’s done here. It’s gold. But out of curiosity, how the fuck does she know EXACTLY what a dick looks like? She’s my hero. wish I could just go around drawing a bunch of dicks and get rewarded for it. Cheers to you little girl.


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