You can’t win ’em all~

Monday blows. Especially when all day I thought it was fucking Tuesday sooo that was a waste of a day basically. I also got completely scammed into one of those “free cruise” deals and, $600 later the free cruise, 5 nights all inclusive in the Bahamas, 4 nights in Vegas, 4 nights in Mexico, 3 nights in Florida were all  mine. Yay!

Let’s get into what’s happening around here. I can’t really talk shit about this girl because honestly, I don’t know East from West or where Africa is because I still believe it’s in Egypt. I failed geography because geography was the worst class ever. The boys were too cute for me to focus and I didn’t give a fuck about school back then. But at least I know the District of Columbia is in the United States. I feel for this girl though because that’s a tough one.  I still don’t understand the whole concept of it. Why isn’t it just part of Washington D.C. ? Like enough already. Anyway, here’s the girl being stupid.


Oh, and Kanye West thinks he’s the fucking Pope. Calls the Mayor up at 2am trying to shut down the road in NYC outside of Webster hall because he wants to have a surprise concert. Nothing sounds worse than standing on a mobbed street waiting for Kanye West. Honestly I don’t know who he thinks he is. I’ve had enough of Kanye thinking he runs the fucking universe. Imagine that marriage and how awful it must be to be in a relationship where both people think they are Gods greatest gift to earth? Or actually, Kanye thinks HE IS God. Enough already Kanye. Shut it down, it’s a school night, go home.


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