WTF Wednesday!

Ahhh my favorite day. WTF Wednesday is finally here! And today, everything is fucking crazy!

Aubrey O’Day from the band Danity Kane says her boyfriend Pauly D is more visually popular than her. OBVIOUSLY. Who even is Aubrey O’Day?? imageWho even remembers Danity Kane?? I actually don’t even remember 1 song they had. And you stupid fuck “visually popular”?? Maybe you were looking for the word “recognizable”?? No one cares about you. Stop trying. Obviously Pauly D is more popular. PEOPLE KNOW HIM! He was on a super popular TV show and you were in a piece of shit band. Shut it down, bitch.image


Let’s talk about another DUMBASS bitch. This 24 year old middle school teacher got knocked up by her 13 year old student! Yes, you read it right. THIRTEEN YEAR OLD! WTF WTF WTF!! This chick, Alexandria,

Was picking up her student and making out with him in the car and apparently the kids parents allowed it. Good for the kid though, banging a super hot 24 year old. That kid is the coolest kid in his school right now. His parents are basically signing a permission slip for him to give this bitch mustache rides on the reg. The teacher on the other hand is a piece of shit maniac. Like WHAT THE FUCK are you doing banging a 13 year old? The kid doesn’t know what he’s doing sex wise, has zero experience, and you want to fuck him?? His dick can’t be that good. I’ll never understand this girl. She’s hot! She can get any guy and decides on a 13 year old? Mind fucking BLOWN.image

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