How About That Ride In, I Guess That’s Why They Call it Sin City

What a fuckin weekend. Long weekends are out of control, most people can’t handle them. Me included. Drinking for 3 days straight is not something anyone should do, although it’s fun in the moment EVERYONE REGRETS IT. I’m extremely grateful for having off work today because I’m ridiculously hungover *googles can you die from a hangover*.image

I wish I could remember everything that happened but that’s not possible when I legit blacked out every night. But I do remember my friend making out with a random guy who was grabbing her ass all night at the bar Friday night. Oh and then running into my high school boyfriend who still loves me but, what’s not to fucking love! I’m hot and hilarious, duh. image.gifSaturday I was probably drunk at work then got drunk eating Chinese food which is always delicious when you’re drunk. Sunday Funday was out of fucking control. Drunk on a boat then get home to find people ate weed brownies and were totally fucked up, so my only option was to join them, naturally.
I’ll be hungover all week but it was totally worth it. And I’ll be doing it all over again next weekend.

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