Comin in Hot to MDW

Well here we are. The start of summer. Where us locals get stuck in fucking traffic every single day for the next 3 months. Can’t wait. Although I have to say I love getting hit on even when I’m stuffing my face in a sub while wearing a bikini on the boat, lettuce falling onto my beer filled stomach looking fat as FUCK. And the best part is, I don’t give a fuck at all. Like none. It’s fantastic.image.gif

This weekend will bring about all of those things and I can’t fucking wait. Fist pumping on a boat, pretending I know how to dance, flirting with boys who aren’t my boyfriend, getting shit faced and eating greasy sandwiches is what I live for.image.gif I feel alive. I’m ready to take on MDW like its my bitch. First stop, Parker House $1 beer night. Second, I have no clue and I probably won’t remember. Cheers to MDW bitches!image.jpeg

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