WTF Thursday…

Well WTF Wednesday turned into WTF Thursday because I got drunk and forgot to post my blog. Look people, shit happens. I feel bad about it kind of but that’s just me trying to be nice. Really, I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Alcohol was more important. Sorry not sorry! image
So let’s get into what happened yesterday because I legit almost went up to a guy and punched him in the face for being so annoying. People doing their business calls on the beach ON SPEAKERPHONE. Idiot. Like is that ACTUALLY necessary? Do you not have headphones? Can you not hold the phone up to your ear because you don’t want to get tan lines?? Like what is this? You’re so annoying. image.gifOf course I forgot my headphones so I couldn’t block out this moron. BUT I didn’t forget the vodka. It’s ok to drink alone right? The beach is just so fucking boring that I don’t know what else to do other than drink. How do people sit out here for hours? It’s the worst. There’s NOTHING to do. image

Now we’re getting into the season where the guys are fucking losers and only work out their upper body and think it’s cool to wear socks and sandals or sneakers TO THE FUCKING BEACH. Are you stupid? Stay home you piece of shit. image
Oh and a group of girls hid under the lifeguard stand to light their joint. I didn’t realize people were still scared to smoke weed In public. Especially on a beach where everyone can smell it. Oh, and you idiots, it takes 3 seconds to look around and see girls hiding under the lifeguard stand lighting a joint. WTF is wrong with people? Just fucking light your joint like a normal person and please bring it over here to share with me. Thanks.

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