Friday// My Second Favorite F Word

Currently Blogging while sitting on the beach drinking margaritas.image

Let’s talk about how fucking stupid Scott “Lord” Disick is. Dude you have the EASIEST job in the world and you manage to fuck that up?? He accidentally posted the instructions to a sponsored Instagram post in the fucking INSTAGRAM post!image Are you stupid??? He literally just copy and pasted, which I can say we definitely all do but at least we fucking get it right. He literally makes between $15,000-$20,000 for one Instagram post and he fucks it up?? Come on you loser.

Ok and while we’re on the topic of these morons- Kim kardashain just snap chatted her pregnancy scare. Idiot. Like that’s SCARY shit. I’ve been there, pretty sure we all have so stop judging me. It’s not like I’m whoring myself around and couldn’t figure out who the father was. Enough. I’m not pregnant, I like to drink too much. Anyway- Kim snapped this pictureimage.. Then a video saying that she was taking the pregnancy test on the bathroom of a plane (probably her private jet) and the next snap, since you guys are so fucking anxious.image.. She’s not pregnant. “Do it for the snap”-Kim, probably. The sad thing is, people say they don’t care, myself included, but don’t be a stupid fuck, EVERYONES CARES, myself included. Cheers to not being pregnant! 🀘🏼

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