WTF Wednesday// Who The Hell Cares??

I actually CAN’T stop laughing at how ridiculous social media can be. Blake lively posted this picture:image and is being called a racist because of her caption. Which people don’t know is from a Sir Mix-a-lot song BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
(LA face with Oakland booty)
Baby got back!
(LA face with Oakland booty)
(LA face with Oakland booty

Like WTF is actually wrong with people??? Are you stupid? you’re calling Blake Lively racist because she fucking used a song lyric in an Instagram caption that a black guy wrote about big fucking butts. Blake has a huge ass. Did you not see the fucking picture and think “oh, great caption Blake”! Because I did. Grow the FUCK up.imageimageimage

Also, just because this will blow your fucking mind, watch this girl do this insane gymnastics move. …

And then there’s me: imageI took gymnastics for idk, a couple months maybe back when I was like 12 I think and I fucking SUCKED. I can still barely do a cartwheel. Honestly I can barely fucking walk straight and this girl is doing these crazy ass flips. WTF, thanks for pushing me to be better at gymnastics mom. Way to fuckin go!image

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