Hungry? Grab a Snickers

Maybe they haven’t fucked with the snickers yet…unlike everything else.image

Instagram and all of its apps like boomerang, hyperlapse and layout (does anyone use these, honestly) all got a new design . It was almost as if I opened my phone and I was like WHO THE FUCK DOWNLOADED THIS APP ON MY PHONE then I realized Instagram just did an update. I hate when they do this shit. Just leave me alone, everything was fine. Also anyone can make these colors so why would they even chose this? WHYYYY!!image

I don’t know why people have to mess with a good thing. Now Reese’s cups stuffed with Reese’s pieces are a thing. I mean really? Do we really need all that? I don’t want mini Reese’s pieces inside a fucking peanut butter cup. How can I eat them frozen now?? Which is the only way to eat them. Bite around the center then save the center for last. But now what will I do? The world is ending.

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While we’re on the subject of everything fucking changing. Girls are wearing tuxes to prom. I get it, we’re all about gender equality and I understand if you feel more comfortable this way but like ALL the girls are doing it now like a trend.

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I really don’t mean to sound offensive but it’s almost like being gay is like the “cool” thing to do now. Like all the girls in high school are dating each other and wearing tuxes to prom. Like two girls won prom king and queen, that’s great, I’m happy for you but come on.image


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