Stop Everything:

it’s an emergency! Leave Justin Bieber the Fuck alone. Justin posted to Instagram saying that he will not take pictures with fans anymore. He says he doesn’t owe us anything and just because we bought his album doesn’t mean that we get a picture with him also. imageWhat a stupid fuck. YOU WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT FANS. WHAT THE FUCK JUSTIN! I don’t even like him and if I saw him on the street before this I wouldn’t have taken a picture, now I’ll fucking throw eggs at him. What a piece of shit. He has fans that look up to him, little girls are in love with him and he’s too good to take a fucking picture on the street???? Sit the fuck down Justin, you’re not Beyonè. Even Beyoncé would take a picture. Relax Justin, realize how you fucking got here and who bought all your albums. You owe us everything. image

Today is fucking crazy, a perfect WTF Wednesday.

These celebrites have fans that will do anything for them and they’re worried about taking a fucking picture. One of Beyoncé’s fans literally got evicted from her apartment because she used her rent money to buy Beyoncé tickets.

Honestly, it’s insane but I would probably do the same thing, or at least seriously consider it. People are just really way too hard core. Beyoncé will never know your name and what’s the picture of Justin Bieber REALLY going to do for you? Sure you’ll get more Instagram followers, your snap story will be the GREATEST of all time. But seriously WTF people. Grow up.

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