Happy Cinco de Drinkoooo

Pretty sure today should be a federal fucking holiday. Like we should all have off so we can celebrate Cinco De Mayo the real way, with coronas, margaritas and tacos all fucking day. Not wait until 5pm to rush to the bar and hope to find an open seat.

image.gifHonestly I have no clue what we’re even celebrating, it’s just another excuse to drink. I think like at least 80% of don’t actually know what it means nor do we give a fuck. Give me my fucking margarita and leave me alone.image

Now let’s talk about something even more retarded than having to work on Cinco De Mayo…the fucking Kardashains and their trip to Cuba to film scenes for their stupid ass tv show. We get it, it’s cool for celebrities to go to Cuba now but they’re just so dumb. So far there have been 3 pictures of them smoking cigars and then one of Khloe cluelessly posing in front of an engraving that says “Fidel”, you know the guy who caused all the controversy taking human rights away from Cubans.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And let’s be honest, what they are going to show in their “reality” TV show is not the same reality that the Cuban people live. So great job guys, you’ve proved to be fucking idiots yet again.

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