On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

WTF Wednesday’s are my favorite. Because today I can say WTF and not give a fuck. Basically the same as every other day. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like for people who don’t say literally everything they’re thinking and have zero filter. Losers.image.gif
I just got back from a family wedding in North Carolina. 1. Don’t go to North Carolina. 2. Make sure you bring more than enough alcohol. 3. Always remember: you can pick your friends, but unfortunately you can’t pick your family.

So before I get in trouble for saying too much because everyone’s way too fucking sensitive about a blog, WTF, let’s just back to some real life things to say WTF to.

The Met Gala- people are freaking out because Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were supposed to go together but ended up not going together and not even taking ONE picture together, not even seen together. WTF IS GOING ON HERE?! Best friends take pictures at the Met Gala. Obviously there’s something we’re all missing. WTF!

50 cent- WTF is wrong with you? He filmed himself making fun of a young janitor in the airport saying he was high as fuck and a walking zombie that had to be on some serious drugs. Turns out the kid is autistic and has severe social issues. What a stupid fuck.

Oh and let’s just finish up here with this stupid fucking internet trend #freewaychallenge where people are actually stupid enough to post videos of themselves skateboarding across the California freeway. They are jumping out of cars and doing tricks ON THE FUCKING FREEWAY. Obviously they want to die. WTF. Kids are literally just fucking dumb. I’ll never get it.


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