Sorry, I Ain’t Sorry

imageEveryone is going CRAZY over the visual album Beyoncé released over the weekend on HBO titled Lemonade. For those of you in the dark about the album title, during the film, which is about an hour long, Jay-Z’s grandmother comes on saying “I was served lemons but I made lemonade”. But let’s just say that it’s pretty much a fucking masterpiece. She basically talks shit about Jay-Z the entire time making this his 100th problem FOR SURE. It’s almost as if Bey didn’t even tell him this was happening. Like as Jay-Z I’d be like fuck that shit, you can’t say ANY of that shit about me. Bey then calls out Rachel Roy (a fashion designer) who allegedly was fucking Jay, by saying “he better call Becky with the good hair”. Zero clue how this has to do with Rachel Roy but apparently it does because the Bee Hive says so.image

Some of the lyrics are just so fucked up though like “I smell that fragrance on your Louis V boy / Just give my fat ass  a big kiss boy.” Oh, and then there’s the line Bey ends the song with: “If you try this shit again / You gon’ lose your wife.” Sooooo we pretty much get the hint. Seriously though, why would you EVER want to be on Beyoncé’s bad side? Shes everything, pure fucking PERFECTION. And Rachel Roy, of all people, thinks they can fuck around with her husband and not get this punch right to the fucking jugular? Rachel was demolished, she’s gotta be embarrassed as fuck. Her reputation is ruined. She should run away and never come back.image

In other news- I honestly don’t think anyone cares about anything other than Lemonade right now. But let’s talk about how people are pissed at Chrissy Teigen for going out to dinner a week after her baby was born. They’re saying she’s a bad mom because she fucking went to dinner. Dude really?? People are fucking psychotic. She has to eat. Who gives a fuck if she went on a date with her husband? She just went through HELL, let the girl live. Fuck.  She responds in the best way though. She gives zero fucks.

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