Happy Cannabis Culture Wednesday- aka 4/20

imageMichelle Tanner is literally me and probably everyone else today when their friends show up with weed.

Since its 4/20- which also happens to me dads birthday and he doesn’t know it means that today is the day people get high AF- I’ve decided to start my dad off with a Bloody Mary and a bowl while trying to get a tan outside. Today is my day off so I guess all of the above is acceptable today.image

I tried doing some research on why 4/20 is the day people celebrate and smoke even more weed. But like I said, I’ve already been smoking so I really couldn’t process any of the information. All I got from it was – it’s a way to identify yourself with Cannabis Culture and kids used to gather around some stature smoking weed after school. Whatever. Here’s the weird statue. imageI just came across this HILARIOUS article where all the dogs are def high AF celebrating 4/20imageAll of them just look high AF. Also I think I prematurely came outside to tan since its only 50 degrees outside and feels like fucking zero.

Anyway, happy 4/20 fellow stoner friends.image

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