WTF Wednesday//

Every time Wednesday comes along I sometimes get nervous that there might not be anything that I’ll want to say WTF to, but then some greatness comes along. Today 3 things are literally making me say WTF.

  1. Uber for Women and Women only Trains are becoming a thing. Women only trains already exist in Japan, Malaysia, India and Egypt. And the ride share app called Chariot For Women is launching in Massachusetts next week.image THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID WTF! After everyone saying women and men need to be equal and not to discriminate against transgender, we’re going to have sex-segregated transportation ??? Now what will transgender women do?  So fucking dumb. Because women are being sexually assaulted on public transportation.  Ok so get some pepper spray and don’t wear a mini skirt drunk as fuck alone on a train at 2am.
  2. Ocean City, NJ was voted best beach in America. Seriously? Are we sure about this??? Coastal Living magazine chose Ocean City, NJ after 100,000 people voted online beating Huntington Beach, CA. Oh and basically every other beach in fucking America that’s better than FUCKING OCEAN CITY, NJ. COME ON.  Like this is probably happening in Ocean City right now. imageWhat about Hawaii?? That’s America. Those beaches HAVE to be better than Ocean City, NJ. This is actually retarded. WTF.
  3. Saving the best for last. The new show “little big shots” with Steve Harvey is something I should probably start watching after this. This 5-year-old kid is a fucking math genius. He knows the answer to 145 squared off the top of his fucking head. HE’S 5! I’m still fucking adding 6+5 on my fingers! Jesus Christ. How the hell does he do it? He’s like Rain Man. It’s so fucked up. 

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