Friday’s are for Miracles

You know how there’s some mornings that take FOREVER to get ready? either you’re just dragging because you’re tired or because you can never find the right outfit in the plethora of fucking clothes you own? Well usually that’s me. I pick out outfits Sunday night for most of the week ahead and then when I go to put them on it just doesn’t look right. But of course, it looks fantastic on these fucking Pinterest sluts. Anyway, the point of all this is that today I put an outfit on and it was the first time in a few weeks, maybe months that I didn’t change 16 times, and I was  actually EARLY for work. It’s weird.

In other news: people on the Internet are fucked up. Nothing we didn’t already know. But today they are going crazy over this dude, Gordon Hayward who plays on some basketball team called the Utah Jazz. Idk what kind of team that is. Anyway, they are obsessing over him because back in 2010 he had a pretty basic haircut and was just your average looking guy.image.jpeg Then all of a sudden Gordon went to get a haircut recently and came out looking HOT AS FUCK. Not even the same dude. Look how hot this guy is after one haircut. Whoever that stylist was was a fucking miracle worker. God bless.image

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