WTF Wednesday,Seriously.

ok Wednesday, you get me every time. WTF Wednesday for those of you who are new here, is a day where it feels better to just yell at people or get your anger out. I do this everyday, mostly because my boyfriend doesn’t take the fucking trash out or clean up his fucking facial hair after shaving!image

Also my boyfriend doesn’t read this blog and I can’t actually say I blame him since he lives this. But let’s really get into it. 1. I just got my nails done and I always do gel polish and it fucking chipped. You know when a nail chips and it gets stuck on clothes or maybe when washing your hair? THE FUCKING WORST! 2. I tried opening a wine bottle, cork broke, so I tried pushing it down with a knife, wine shot out and sprayed me in the fucking face. COME THE FUCK ON.image

And finally, 3. I’ve become sickly obsessed with this show called Chicago Med. It’s like Law and Order SVU but takes place in a hospital and I have ZERO idea wtf is going on 99% of the show because well, I’m not a doctor. But it’s ridiculously good. And now I’m stuck fucking binge watching a show that I don’t understand. Great.

Happy WTF Wednesday!

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