Like Literally, WTF did I Just Watch?

Ok people, we all know who Kylie Jenner aka King Kylie is. Not my favorite of the kardashain klan since she does nothing and her life makes zero sense-like everyone else is that family. Anyway, Kylie has a make up line for stupid people who think if they use her lip gloss that they too, will have fake ass lips. It just doesn’t work that way. image

Kylie released a commercial? A music video? For her lip glosses(that are not pictured in the video) that makes zero sense at all. Who is she trying to be? because to me it looks like she’s trying to be Rihanna’s clone. THIS ENTIRE THING MAKES ZERO SENSE!image watch for yourself below. I just canst understand what the fuck is going on here. It’s an ad for her lip gloss so she rolls up to a run down motel in a $300,000 (probably more) Rolls Royce wearing a snake skin outfit and a $500 Louis Vuitton head scarf (she does look good though). Then she’s just chillin in the car and the next scene goes to two girls and some guys in the motel room counting cash with their guns and then it’s “game time” and the girls rob these dudes (like any of that is even possible) dudes with that much cash and guns aren’t going to get held up by some fucking kardashain slut bimbos. Sorry, not today. And then, since this is a lip gloss ad and all, we see a girl wearing wayyyyyy too much lip gloss just casually putting more on as she’s robbing these guys! Then after these chicks rob the guys and shoot them, they hop into Kylie’s car and throw the cash in the air? makes no fucking sense. I just want to see the colors of the damn lip gloss. Wtf.

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