WTF Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day people.

giphy (3)

Blogging over a glass of wine and my newest purchase from Groupon. I won’t say EXACTLY what it is but, I do find it interesting that you can order these products on Groupon, and being that it’s Hump Day and they arrived today, it makes this day even better. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, you’re just a fucking idiot.

Back to reality, somewhat. I find BuzzFeed pretty entertaining and it’s where I get 80% of the things I’m blogging about. But there is something on BuzzFeed that I don’t think I’ll ever understand and think is just absolutely ridiculous but kind of genius at the same time. The quizzes. They have a whole section of just quizzes. WHY? And they are the most asinine quizzes ever. They literally make zero sense. Why the fuck would I take a quiz about boobs that will somehow describe my soul???? How does that even work?? These quizzes make no sense. Like how on Earth would a quiz be able to find out the name of my future spouse based on what my favorite foods are? WTF! What if I’m engaged and my wedding was tomorrow and the name of my future spouse was something like “McLovin'” but the quiz said my future spouses name is “John” ?! Do I just call off the whole wedding and find a man named John? It’s just all too much.giphy.gif

Half of me doesn’t want to take any of these quizzes because I’m scared of what the result will be. So I’ll be here all night taking these quizzes and getting drunk eating pizza, oh and most likely enjoying my new Groupon Purchase.


giphy (2).gif


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