Keep it to Yourself. Please.

imageI was just browsing through the Internet to see what happened today that I felt like talking about and I came across an article of a woman who was tweeting about her period. Like live tweeting her period week. imageimage

THIS MAKES ZERO SENSE. She’s doing it because she doesn’t know why more people aren’t talking about periods when just about half the population gets them. Do you want to know why no one is talking about it? Because everyone who gets it already knows what it’s like. Everyone who gets it doesn’t want it, unless you’re sitting on the toilet PRAYING TO GOD(the only time I think I’ve ever prayed) that your period comes like ASAP because you don’t remeber the guys number who could have possibly inseminated you the week before. And he probably isn’t financially stable, 500 credit score and he could very well be HIDEOUS. We’ve all been there so stop judging me. image

Anyway, this stupid girl wants to live tweet her period. Why???? We all fucking get it. And I do feel bad for those girls who get their period and it’s like getting stabbed in the uterus but SERIOUSLY, no one fucking cares man. Take a Percocet, get a pint of ice cream and shut the hell up. No one needs to know exactly how much blood is coming out of you. It’s gross when it happens to yourself but, do we really need to know how many times you’ve changed your nasty ass tampon? This is why no one talks about it. It happens and that’s the fucking end of it. Remeber that one story of the girl who started the “vagina knitting” trend and did it throughout her period so the world could see all the fucking blood?? Just stop,  PLEASE. Put a tampon in and be fucking quiet. image

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