Easter baskets and shit

imageHappy Easter? I have an Easter story for ya.


What the actual fuck IS Easter? You think that on a normal weekday(Holy Thursday) “jesus” and his buddies were like “hey Jes, i think we should go out to big dinner tonight” and they have the “Last Supper” hanging out eating some pasta.?? And then the next day(Good Friday) wake up and say “hey buds, let’s kill ourselves today to make alllllllll these other mother fuckers have better lives than us” THAT DIDN’T happen!!! Then Easter Sunday Jesus just rises from the FUCKING dead????? MOTHER FUCKER we all know that doesn’t happen!! and you all want to believe this happened way back when and with all the technology we have that we wouldn’t be able to do this in 2016 but thousands of years in the past??? None of this shit is real!!! I just don’t understand it. Like not even a little Bit! Come on.

-sorry if I ¬†offended you. Get an Easter bunny( which doesn’t even make sense why the fuck Jesus and Easter ¬†relate to bunnies ) and shut the fuck up. Like really though, a bunny as NOTHING to do with Jesus coming back from the dead. So dumb.


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