Insomniacs Unite

imageBlogging while NOT sleeping 

Well, it’s Friday night which means WINE! Which would usually put me to sleep but of course, not tonight. Great.

Tonight my boyfriend and I got Mexican take out. Aka Fart City. Great. Look, I think it’s gross when girls fart but why the fuck is it ok for guys to do it in front of girls but not the other way around?? So I rarely do it. But when I tell my boyfriend I have to fart, he proceeds to tickle me or jump on me until I let loose. Usually I’ll hold it in but I was mad at him so I said “I’m going to fart on you if you don’t stop” this stupid fuck doesn’t stop so out it comes. And like I said, we had Mexican for dinner. Soooo after about 3 seconds he got the FUCK out. That’ll teach him. image

I guess this turned out to be a blog about farts. Currently watching Jerry Seinfelds show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Such a great show. I wish I could do that. But I’d probably call mine “bitches at bars getting sloppy.” Orrrr just a normal Saturday night (before I got a boyfriend).

Cheeeers to the weekend 🍾

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