Daily Dose of Nikki:SVU


Blogging over take out sushi and 2 bottles of wine. #thirstythursdsy

Tonight I have the house to myself (yaaassss) actually maybe that’s for most of you but, I actually HATE being alone. Probably one of the weirdest feelings for me. I’m scared shitless. What if someone breaks in and attacks me? Or breaks in and steals my Oreos? Honestly it’s a scary thought. I watch WAYYYY to much Law and Order SVU. 100% I think I’ll get kidnapped and no one will ever be able to find me. And of course when you’re alone you always find the scariest/creepiest things on the Internet or the scariest movie commercials are ALWAYS fucking on TV. image

I just came across this article/video online where this British guy wants to find out what Human Flesh tastes like. Because apparently everyone has been dying to find out wtf HUMAN FLESH tastes like. SICK FUCK. Anyway, his name is Greg Foot and he removed part of his leg muscle for this cannibalistic experimentation. Eating human flesh, even your very own, is illegal in the UK and I’m pretty positive it’s illegal in the US as well. If it’s not I’m getting the FUCK outta here. So he didn’t eat his leg muscle but he cooked it up to get the aromas because smell is a large component of taste. This stupid fuck says “it actually smells quite nice” LOCK THIS GUY THE FUCK UP. This is bad. He’s on the loose and now has a smell for human flesh and enjoys it. You don’t forget that, he’ll crave that and he’ll find it. And he won’t stop till he has it. This is why I’m scared as fuck to be alone.

Just look at this creep… (click for video)



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