Bigger Isn’t Always Better.


So today a few things happened. We’ll start with Apple releasing the new iPhone SE and everyone complaining about it. People think that just because this phone is 4″ while the others are 5″ doesn’t make any sense and that Apple is just trying to make more money off people. Look, obviously Apple wants to make more money but I’m pretty damn sure they have the whole release thing down. They know exactly what they’re doing. The iPhone SE is smaller and cheaper than the 6s but does all the same shit. I don’t need a fucking calculator size phone in my pocket. I have an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The 6 plus is possibly the worst phone solely because it GIGANTIC. Whose hands can actually fit that phone?? They had to create a new feature just so you could reach the top of it (reachability) just dumb. I’ll get the new phone and be much happier.

Secondly I’d like to just mention Obama and Raul Castro with the MOST awkward handshake to ever take place.image More awkward when the Ryan Secreast tried to high five a blind guy. Just so fucked up.


And lastly, just need to mention Gisele and Tom Brady surfing in Costa Rica. Gisele looks hot as FUCK perfect form and great ass. Tom should be naturally better since he is an all around fantastic athlete (so I’ve read, really have no clue) but Gisele is kicking his ass. Either way, these two are so hot. Best looking couple out there. It just doesn’t seem fair. I’d look like a fucking lunatic on a surf board. This Bitch pulls it off so well. Looks amazing.

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