Tomorrow’s Monday Again?! I Don’t Think I Can Do This Every Week

Remembering tomorrow is Monday is like a punch right to the fucking face. image.gifThis Sunday was especially lazy. I didn’t get out of bed until 3. I mean of course I got up to get the chips, chocolate, cereal, mac&cheese, and  Ice cream. Precisely in that order. Sunday’s are meant for eating and binge watching Netflix. I kind of felt like a piece of shit and googled “overeating” and webmd was the first to come up saying “it can all start with just a simple bag of chips in front of the tv and the cycle can be hard to break”. This is fucked up. My boyfriend and I moved the TV from the living room into the bed room and then bought a 4″ memory foam mattress topper so all we’ve been doing is binge eating and binge watching. We have a real problem.  I wasn’t sure  what to do and now I felt even worse about myself,  so  I just went back to my ice cream and got over it.

Happy Sunday! Hopefully I fit in my clothes tomorrow!


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