Well Let Me Tell You Something, Brother!

Today Hulk Hogan or, Terry Bollea (Hulk’s real name) won $115 million dollars in his lawsuit against Gawker because they posted a 90 second clip of him having sex with his best friend’s (Bubba The Love Sponge) wife. The report says him and Bubba aren’t best friends anymore but I just find something a littttttle fishy about this whole case. Maybe it’s that it takes place in Florida or that Hulk Hogan who is saying that he wasn’t Hulk Hogan when he was fucking Bubba’s wife but, he was Terry Bollea. Or maybe it’s that he says Terry doesn’t have a 10 inch penis but Hulk Hogan does. How on earth does any of this make sense? You’re trying to tell me that Hulk Hogan and Terry Bollea (THE SAME PERSON) have different size dicks? WTFFFFF goes on! Then how about in 2012 when this sex tape came out Hulk Hogan was on Howard Stern and said that Bubba ALLOWED him to have sex with his wife! Oh and Hulks now ex-wife Linda wanted him to have sex with Bubbas wife!


What the hell is Hulk, or is it Terry, complaining about? Literally NONE of this makes sense. Or maybe it’s him just scamming all of us to get a little extra cash in his pocket. 1. Your wife is telling you it’s ok to have sex with another woman (win) 2. Your best friend says he wants you to fuck his wife (win) 3. Everyone sees your 10 inch dick (HUGE WIN)    4. $115 million dollars for 90 seconds of your 10 inch dick being on the internet forever (win)imageNo way does any of this happen in real life. It just doesn’t make sense. I think it’s one big (10 inch) conspiracy where Bubba, his wife, Hulk (Terry?) and Linda are all in this together released the sex tape and now have publicity and $115 million dollar and they’re laughing at all of us.hulk-hogan-wiggle-sexy-butt-hulk-hogan-gifs.gif

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