Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Weirdos.

By weirdos I mean the fact that there has LITERALLY been a 10,000% increase in searches for “Leprechaun porn” according to Pornhub ( a whole new meaning to “got a little Irish in you). So naturally I HAD to find out for myself what this “Lepreporn” was all about. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. Unless of course you’re into watching Leprechauns fuck. Which kind of freaked me out. But then theres people just dressed up the usual St. Patrick’s Day attire having sex which I don’t see any problem with. But little Leprechauns?? NO FUCKING WAY, NOPEEEEE.

Lets continue with this St. Patricks Day nonsense. I know  I already talked about this in my Sunday blog but now that it’s actually St. Patrick’s Day I want to know… Whats the point? Do the people getting shit faced at the bar right now even know what they’re celebrating? Because I guarantee you if you walked into any bar and asked someone only like 2 people would really know and those people can suck a dick if they’re going to sit there and try to explain to me what St. Patrick’s Day is. Every holiday is really just an excuse to get drunk. Oh it’s New Years, I’ll get fucked up. Oh it’s Thanksgiving Eve??? The biggest bar night and then the next day you have to be hungover as FUCK with your family and eat cranberry relish?? NO FUCKING THANKS (although i’ve done it) But really, St. Patricks day makes zero sense. No one likes corned beef and cabbage, no one like stuffed cabbage. I don’t know ANYONE else who eats corned beef any other time of the year besides today. So let’s all sticks to Leprechaun porn and Guinness.



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