WTF Wednesday

Today I don’t have anything to really say WTF about, which is actually kind of scary if you know me. I always find something to bitch about. Maybe I can say WTF to my nail chipping and my hair is in SERIOUS need of a trim. So yeah WTF, I look ratchet. Fuck.

In other news: my sushi tonight sucked and I’m pissed about it. And also….

To celebrate Post-It’s 35th anniversary they sent a whole box of them to Lisa Kudrow because you know, she like invented them. I LOVE that Post-It did this. How clever and just fucking hysterical. A+ Post-It’s image.jpeg

A woman in Florida is fighting with the Florida Fish and Wildlife officials to keep her fully trained gator, named Rambo, who rides four wheelers, naturally. Once again Florida comes up with the greatest shit. Here’s the facts. 1. Florida 2. Rambo is 15 years old and is just starting to grow and is now too big. 3. Rambo loves to dress up in costumes, and also understands sign language. Now let’s talk about WTF is happening here. This lady (see picture of Mary and Rambo the gator riding dirty below) looks crazy, the Florida Fish and Wildlife (who have zero power) really shouldn’t be fucking around with Mary and Rambo. Rambo is a serious badass on that four wheeler. Just let them live. Clearly they have a special bond and she’ll probably kill you if you try to fuck with her. Also WTF is with the car seat on the back of Mary’s bike? Do you think she puts Rambo in there and they go to the bar for some drinks? Or maybe drive around smoking cigs taking in the days before they might have to be apart? Either way, I dig it.image.png

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