This is Yuuuuge!

So as we know today is yet again ANOTHER Super Tuesday (part 3) and as we know I don’t really care all that much for politics. I do care when there is a guy trolling Trump dressed up as a 6 foot penis though. This is great. It’s a group a protesters in Florida, naturally, with the group name “Church of Satanic Activism” and they have been using this cock-stume to troll Trump at various debates and such. They have also purchased every available penis costume on the Internet and have sent some to other states. Just fantastic.

<> on March 13, 2016 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Also in the news today: A guy dressed as a mummy is going around masturbating in people’s windows. I didn’t really find this funny because like doesn’t everyone do that? Like this has already been done before, why are you doing it again? Are you just at home getting ready for bed and all of a sudden you just get this urge to dress up as a mummy and masturbate in some random lady’s window? Are you masturbating in the window while she watching her shows and that’s what turns you on? Do you not have cable and you get turned on because it’s Tuesday at 9pm and you can watch The People vs. O.J. Simpson? Not gonna lie, not a HORRIBLE play, but still, wtf. image

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