I Heard There’s A Place Where They Have A Whole Day Dedicated To Pie

Monday- I feel bad for ya because everyone HATES you. Why can’t we all just be a little more positive on Mondays instead of all pissed off and angry. When you think about it, there is someone who has is way worse than you- or way better.However you wanna look at it. Ugh who the FUCK am I kidding, I hate every day of the week. Except Saturday because Saturdays are for staying out late and having some potentially amazing sex. No one is getting laid on a Monday and if you are, the sex definitely isn’t as good as Saturday Sex, or maybe it’s more fun since it’s so out of the ordinary and you get excited and spice it up a little “Hey baby, I’ll be on top tonight, I got this” (sorry dad)

Look- The point of all this is- Monday doesn’t have to suck, at least not this Monday. Why you might ask? Today is Pi day as in 3.14 and whatever the other numbers are. I failed Pre-Algebra twice so please don’t ask me. I majored in PR only because there is ZERO math involved. C’s get degrees. (again, sorry dad) So when I realized it was Pi Day I OF COURSE had to check Twitter to see what the kids are saying. People just say the MOST ridiculous shit, it’s amazing.

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Other than it being Pi Day- It’s also Napping Day which I feel is just a little bit more important than Pi day (unless it was pie day) Napping day? Has to be one of, if not the best day ever created. The Monday after Daylight Savings? We just need a nap. If  I could have taken a 30 min nap (realistically an hour) my work day would have been MUCH more productive (ehhh..maybe not) I’ll tell my boss tomorrow is Napping Day and see how he feels about it. I just don’t see it as being a problem.


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