When Italian’s go Irish🍀

Sunday night at my house is usually full of Italians, wine, yelling and way too much food. Not necessarily a bad thing since I love getting drunk and stuffing my face with everything in sight. Fuck it.

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Well tonight was a very different Sunday night here. We went Irish. Which you would think meant we drank way more than we usually do, which is already too much but,I’m not drunk right now so wtf. We had corned beef and stuffed cabbage, naturally I was looking for pasta with sauce and hey, how about some meatballs. Look I get it, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day so like its really only right to celebrate it, if tonight was an excuse to get drunk I’d be all in. Couldn’t we have done this last night so it was on a Saturday night And we could celebrate St.Patricks Day the right way?! Nope. Had  to be a Sunday, had to interfere with my mother fuckin pasta night. No one actually WANTS corned beef and cabbage. Gimme my meatballs Bitch. image.gif


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