Don’t Ever Want to Grow Up.

I’ve gotta say, growing up is a trap. Today is Saturday at 11:30am and I seriously have so much to do like shopping and probably take a shower and eat some lunch and I DEFINITELY should catch up on some work but like I said being adult is a fucking trap, it’s literally the dumbest thing I have ever done.  I have been doing absolutely nothing since 6pm last night. But now I’m starting to feel a little guilty about it so I started some online shoe shopping and found some AWESOME shoes that say “rosé all day” so naturally I had to buy them. Which reminds me I have some Rosé in the fridge! Now it’s noon so basically a perfect time to start drinking.image.gif

Which then got me looking up what I should have for lunch and I came across something I’ve never heard of but NEED in my life TEMPURA PIZZA. WHAT?!?! image.jpegDoes that not look amazing?? And sound delicious?! Fried pizza???? This comes from a Japanese restaurant in NYC so I’ll probably need to take a trip there like NOW because you know if I try to make my own it’ll come out tasting like shit.

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