Super Tuesday: Take 2

Well today brings us to another round of Super Tuesday. Maybe today is your first day reading this blog so you wouldn’t know that I don’t really care much about politics, if this is not your first rodeo, well then, you already know.

What I gathered from Super Tuesday today was that Trump may have hit his peak popularity, still the coolest kid in school though. That’s basically all I know. (Oh and today is IHOP day PANCAKESSSSSS)

So I got bored reading about it (obviously) so I decided to update a few apps on my phone. The first screen that comes up on the App Store is the list of trending apps, well number one is “Trump Dump” which I downloaded, naturally. This is game where you are a bird and you have to get past the wall (which I found really hard) and the bird actually takes a dump on Trump. Fantastic. There were two more trending apps that I had to download. The next was “Trumpsult” (I read this as trumpSLUT initially) which generates (hysterical) trump insulting memes like this: image

The last but DEFINITELY not least app (my favorite) is called “Bernie Sandwiches” where you have to help Bernie collect as many sandwiches as possible because he can’t make it to the White House on an empty stomach. The country depends on us! YASSSSS  I literally love apps. Whoever invented these apps, I want to invite you over to dinner and drink mass amounts of liquor with you and play cards against humanity with you- just because I think we have the same sense of humor and everytime I play cards against humanity I think I’m like REALLY REALLY funny, like I laugh at myself and no one else thinks I’m funny and I just lose EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Here’s a screen shot of me playing the game. image


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