Catch Me if You Can.

Oh Monday how much I despise you. Can’t we just have ONE more day? I think we all work way too much. A 4 day work week with at least an hour nap a day sounds pretty good. I’ll bring that up the weekly work meeting and see how the boss responds. I think he’ll go for it.

Anyways- hopefully this makes your day just a little bit better 👌🏼

Cyclists in South Africa Were Being Chased by an Ostrich I have to say, I seriously love when animals are on the lose. It’s 100% the best thing ever- this ostrich just wanted to be free, just wanted to go for a run, let loose a little.  But how scared are the guys riding the bike? I’d probably fall of my bike, not from laughing but from crying and then be attacked and fucking eaten alive by this GINORMOUS brid. Ostriches are fast as fuck too, they will get you. They can literally run a straight 10miles at a steady speed of 30mph (fun fact) time to get back on the treadmill and get my speed back up (doubt it)

Now we also have a Chinese woman who starved to death after being trapped in an elevator for a month – 2 maintenance workers accidentally shut the power off to the elevator- this is fucking horrific, they found scratch marks inside the elevator. This is exactly why I don’t take elevators. I just won’t do it. I don’t care how many flights of stairs I have to walk up. I don’t want to die. I always have snacks in my purse too just incase. Like you just never know. You need to ask for a hotel room on a lower floor. Fuck that shit. I don’t want to die in an elevator. Imagine how hungry she was? Like what can you do? Where was her cell phone? What about the phone inside the elevator? Too bad she didn’t just get back from grocery shopping and have a ton of food. She’d be alive right now. Scary ass shit. And the maintenance guys just “accidentally” turned off the power and just never came back? They have to be arrested right? I just have way too many questions about this. No one heard her screaming? doesn’t make sense. Family? Friends? No one was looking for her and was like oh she said she was going back to her apartment let’s check the BROKEN elevator! It’s a conspiracy, inside job. 100%


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