I’m Here For The ChampagnešŸ¾

While getting a pedicureĀ 

Happy Sunday Ā my fellow Champagne lovers! Sunday is the BEST day for Champagne. I think I’ll stop and pick some up on the way home from my pedicure aka Ā the cheapest massage a girl can get other than from my boyfriend who rarely gives them to me. This guy is rubbing my legs like he’s trying to get laid…hey, anything is possible…keep on rubbin baby.

Usually I’ll get a pedicure in the morning but since this morning I was beyond lazy and woke up at 11am,went to the store in my pajamas solely because I NEEDED bacon and my boyfriend was still sleeping which meant I wasn’t getting my bottomless mimosa brunch, so chocolate milk, pancakes and bacon would have to do. I fucking LOVE chocolate milk btw.

But my bacon obsession has gone way too far…to the point of doing research on when or if the pigs will become endangered and then I will never eat bacon again. I can’t imagine life without bacon. Can you? I don’t think endangered pigs will ever be a thing so I think we’re good for now. (I also picked up shoprite circular for this week, bacon is on sale…it might not be endangered but once I get to shoprite and you try to take my bacon, you might be in danger BACK THE FUCK OFF MY BACON MANāœŒļø) Now for dinner…bacon wrapped steaks


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