You Know What They Say About Small Hands…

Today we all woke up to the Internet talking about Donald Trumps not so small…hands. Mark Rubio said that since Donald has such small hands, you know there must be something else that’s small…clearly hinting to Donald having a small dick. Well yesterday Donald reassured us that there is no problem with the size of his hands, or anything else. This was exciting. The first presidential debate to talk about dicks. Now I’m interested. Oh and the picture above is a dick pic mosaic of Donald Trump from a tumbler account called Homopower- (YASSS!). I love the fucking Internet more than anything.

While browsing the Internet I came across some articles like the 25 best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world( which I think must be hard to do-the WORLD ? What about home cooking,?) and the 33 best donut shops in America. Which you can believe I will be trying all 33. Who doesn’t love a good donut? How do you get the job of trying to find the BEST donut shop i know America? I NEED that job or like the best fried Oreos or fried ice cream. I guess basically I just need to be Guy Fieri’s assistant or just take him down completely..I don’t give a shit, bitches need to eat. I would probably go on the hunt for the best French Onion Soup in America. Basically I’m doing that now, except only in Ocean County NJ. Still looking. Anyway this grilled cheese list prompted all of us at work to order grilled cheese for lunch…I also ordered French onion soup-just a warning for like, life- Ā NEVER get French onion soup to go.image

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