You’re in Big Trouble Mister.

Last night I started watching Fuller House on Netflix since everyone was talking about it and saying how great it was, by episode 3 I was completely fucking DONE. These people telling me it was so great, I want to tell them to kick rocks, like are you STUPID?  If you haven’t watched it- DON’T! It will ruin all of your childhood memories. IT IS AWFUL, ABSOLUTE SHIT. The Olsen twins were fucking smart to not be a part of that shit. Stephanie Tanner is the absolute worst, she sucks so bad, she’s a dj so they call her DJ Tanner, WHY? WHY? WHY? DJ Tanner is playing the role of Danny Tanner ( Her husband died and left her with 3 boys, Danny’s wife died and left him with 3 girls). Why would they do this to us?

Anyway- while watching that piece of shit show I came across 2 things that made my night way more exciting:

  1. Sports Authority is filing bankruptcy- this reminded me of my college days when my friend got arrested for shoplifting a pair of socks. $10 for a pair of socks is pretty expensive, can’t say I REALLY blame her, they were fantastic socks- I went back and bought us a pair after I bailed her out of jail. Dumb Bitch.

  2. When people make celebrities into food it is EVERYTHING. I came across the Instagram account @tasteofstreep  where Meryl Streep is pictured with the only real food that matters in life – sloppy joes, pickles, mac & cheese and so many more. This is absolutely epic, just pure perfection. I followed them instantly, naturally.


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