Another Edition of WTF Wednesday-


Today brings us to WTF Wednesday. A day where we can all join together and it’s still (not) ok to talk shit about people or vent about your morning road rage or the fact that the bottle of wine was empty and there wasn’t another one to replace it with.. WTF!

Today I want to say WTF (and I did) to old people who try to ask questions about the internet and how to use it. Stop asking me why there are people sending you something called a friend request and wondering what the point is in a friend request. Now I’m talking about my Father. We all know these people who ask us younger kids how to use the Internet because, we get it, it wasn’t around when you were our age. TAKE A CLASS! I’m not Mark Zuckerburg ,I don’t know his exact reasoning behind the friend request, but hey, it seems to be working. I can’t help you when you want to close all your apps at the same time on your iPhone, I didn’t invent it and frankly, it’s not an issue for me so I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

Now to the good stuff. Don’t you ever wonder why or even how it’s possible that girls walk around with a fucking camel toe and don’t notice? Don’t you feel your underwear straight up inside you?? I saw this recently and the girl had a straight up fucking MOOSE KNUCKLE! Bitch- WTF are you even doing? How do you live? Like does this girl just look in the mirror after getting ready and say “oh yeah, my vagina looks so good right now” PUT THAT THING AWAY MOTHER FUCKER.




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