A Thin Mint With Mr. Freeman

Happy leap day! Do you call it a leap year or a leap day? Who fucking knows, either way if today is your birthday, that really sucks. How do you ever celebrate? How do you ever remember how old you are? What if you turn 21 next year? How do you get into the club at midnight if your birthday isn’t ACTUALLY the next day, it’s in 3 more years? How do these people get through life? I have way too many questions.

This weekend I was in Atlantic city and my boyfriend hit a jackpot for $10,000, YES  TEN THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS!! Assuming I’d a least get something out of it- I asked for everything I could think of… an apartment, a dog, a diamond, new socks, a vacation, finally I got $100 to go food shopping. Fuck it, I’ll buy some snacks.

imageNow moving onto the Oscars. Pretty sure people (or just me) only  gave a shit about like 3 things :  Leo FINALLY winning an Oscar (for a movie he had the least amount of dialogue) , Chris Rock with the best joke of the night ” Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties, neither of us were invited” SHUT THE FUCK UP Jada, no one likes you. and finally- my favorite part of the Oscars, Morgan Freeman being straight SAVAGE on the girl scout cookies, on stage, giving ZERO fucks reaches right into the sleeve of cookies and just eats them, crumbs everywhere. HERO.


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