Hello Friday// I’ve been waiting for you for a long time

While listening to Flo-Rida’s new song ‘Hello Friday’

Finally something exciting has happened, I got a Fuji Film Instax camera! (🎉🎉) I’m obsessed but the film is $1 per picture which is just absurd so I’ve only taken 2 pics.

I just read this ridiculous article about this 23 year old Ukrainian dude whos visa expired so he posed as a highschool sophomore and ended up getting a 4.16 GPA and made the National Honor Society. I feel like why the fuck is this guy so smart? If I went back to sophomore year of high school I’d be too busy making out with the senior boys. I hate boys that are in highschool now, like they weren’t that annoying and just so fucking stupid with no common sense when we were in highschool. Or maybe they were and I was just too caught up in their gorgeous eyes and fancy cars to notice?

Now to the exciting part- today in history, and I don’t mean the boring as fuck highschool history class we all slept through. Last year on this date- February 26, 2015- the news was pure GOLD. Or was it blue and black? I’m talking about #TheDress, the big debate that was getting 11,000 tweets per minute. The world was in pickle and no one knew the truth- as I’m sitting here with a co-worker still debating what color The Dress was. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE REAL TRUTH?!


Now you would think this was enough for the world to handle, BUT more greatness was among us on the great day of February 26, 2015. 2 llamas escaped from a retirement home and were literally Jay-z and Beyonce-Bonnie and Clyde- these llamas were On The Run. They were free. They gave ZERO fucks.


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