The Safari Vortex

One more day till the WEEKEND!

Driving to work today-in deep thought (thanks Adderall) I start thinking about today being Thursday and how the #TBT got started and whoever was the first one to do it was a genius. how smart. So fucking clever. So of course I googled it and it says we can’t really be sure who exactly was the FIRST one to use TBT but it started sometime in 2011 but starting really catching on in 2012. Then I got caught up in a Safari vortex- not like an actual Safari with like giraffes and shit- I mean like Safari on my MAC. What I mean by vortex is you start by just looking up one simple thing like TBT then you find another link and clik on that and that leads to something else like who was the founder of the French fry which leads to a list of the best French fries in NJ and then a map of the road trip of the best French Fries….I think you get my point.

Then I caught myself and was like -dude you need to stop- but Adderall took over again- WARNING: never take Adderall and go directly to the internet- IT’S A TRAP! But at least now I was on a news site catching up on worldly events like:

  • “Guy Overdoes on Heroin While Riding Bus” It’s  mid afternoon on a Wednesday and this guy is just riding the bus shooting up heroin like it’s no big deal. This makes zero sense. Why is he doing this on public transportation? You can’t wait till you get to a bathroom or something? Why are people still doing heroin? How do you escalade from smoking a joint or popping a few Xanax to shooting a needle in your arm? Anyway, the guy survived.

  • Then I read an article about the 16 year old Swedish chick who is just dumb as fuck. Don’t even know how she’s made it through life so far. She is totally catfished by her BF, who tells her he wants to join ISIS and shes 100% ok with it like they’re going on a fucking vacation to Fuji. She gets there and realizes how much life sucks when you’re not ACTUALLY in Fuji and have weird rules and weird people around you- calls her mom to come pick her up.  Just so dumb. I hate her.

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