I Got You Babe

Today brings us to WTF Wednesday– a day where it’s (somewhat) ok to bitch about people/life- and wonder WTF people are thinking exactly.

Today has me feeling like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’. Maybe it’s my drive to work every day that’s exactly the same and the same people on the road who drive like fucking morons!  ( why are you driving with your foot on the BRAKE??!!)

I take 30mg of adderall everyday right before my 30 minute commute to work….so about 10 minutes into the drive I’m focused as FUCK and get to thinking about how I just did this drive yesterday and now I’m going to work to do exactly what I did yesterday and I’m going  to see the same people as yesterday (now most of them are really starting to annoy me) and how I’ll go home later and find the toothpaste cap off the tube again (because boys are fucking retarded)  and I’ll watch the same nextflix shows and say goodnight to my boyfriend the exact same way, and then tomorrow will be exactly the same.

I feel like I just want to break out of the routine and do something CRAZY and new and exciting…I think I’ll put on Netflix and think about what that will be.


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