Here’s to Hoping it’s Taco Tuesday 🌮

Happy Tuesday My People

This morning started off interesting- The first thing a co-worker says to me is “There’s M&M peanut butter brownies in there”- casually I respond with- “with weed in them” …naturally.

Sometimes the world gives us nothing exciting and it’s just a boring Tuesday, but other times it gives us absolute greatness:

  • Girl Stabs Boyfriend to Death for Spending too Much Time on Facebook“. She says he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Also a few days prior to the stabbing, she posted on her Facebook wall something along the lines of “I’m so fed up and hurt that I will fucking stab him”. Gotta say dude, she gave you a warning. This is his fault, I side with the girl.

  • 50 Cent is being called back to bankruptcy court to be questioned about his Instagram pics where he is standing next to stacks of cash but claiming to be bankrupt. He was then seen after his court appearance partying and throwing cash in the air.  OF COURSE 50 is in pictures with cash and partying at clubs- he’s gotta maintain his image. Move on guys, no money here. 50.jpg

  • And in the great state of Florida: 4 people were arrested over a fight about garlic knots. The woman who ordered the knots was extremely unhappy because they had cheese on them- her buddies that were waiting in the car stepped in and started throwing shit around which caused about $1000 in damages. Classic Florida…my favorite place on earth


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