Cake Cake Cake…

Today brings us to WTF Wednesdays and I’ve got some things that will make you say WTF

  1. We missed the birthday cake eating contest that took place in West Palm Beach over the weekend. The winner was Matt Stonie, who is not Asian but certainly looks it. He is quickly becoming my new hero, eating 12lbs of cake in 8 minutes. he also won the Hot Dog eating contest in 2013 eating 62 hotdogs, frozen yogurt contest, pork roll, bacon, Twinkies…I could go on- this guy has been to every eating contest I never even knew existed. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS, sign me up for the next guacamole eating contest. Yes, I know guac is extra.
  2. Kim is getting pissed at Kayne’s Twitter rants-probably because she wants this to be a TV show. Kayne was recently spotted in Jacob & Co. sipping champagne- guess that debt problem just went away? In other Yeezy news- there is a secret message hidden in the first letter of each tweet “I am Lord Voldemort”… Classic Kayne.
  3. Jeb Bush forgot to renew the rights to his domain name for his website, so guess who bought it? Donald Trump. Well played Donald, well played.
  4. And in final WTF Wednesday thoughts- Why the FUCK do people chew gum then they decide they want to eat something but instead of throwing it out, take it out of their mouth and place it on top of something like a piece of paper or a water bottle cap where people can see your already chewed up gum with all your saliva on it to save it for later. You are going to take that gum out of your mouth, touch it with dirty hands, eat a sandwich, then put that gum BACK IN YOUR MOUTH??? Gum in general should be illegal. Get a fucking mint.

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