Blonde Hair Don’t Care.

So let’s talk about the three hour concert that we call the Grammys. That shit was FIRE. Taylor Swift showed up with her new haircut and abs that make me want to crush my Pilates class tonight. Then she made it clear that she’s got bad blood with Kayne during her Album of the Year acceptance speech saying “there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame.”   Lets talk about what Ciara was wearing? Her vag was basically out. Demi Lovato seemed to have missed her bottom lashes with mascara, but of course still looked hot. And then there’s Bella Hadid – the ugly Hadid sister. But she’s on the red carpet and I’m not so naturally she’s winning.

Adele showed off her seriously impressive weight loss, she is HOT. Chrissy Teigen looked like she was ready to pop and might go into labor right on the red carpet. I would very much like it if Bieber went back to his natural hair color, blonde doesn’t look good on him. But my 61 year old dad said “Justin Bieber did a great job” ok, dad!  Lady Gaga went all out in a tribute to David Bowie which was so on point…naturally.

And then the QUEEN showed up and SLAYED  in a white wedding dress to present the final Grammy for Record of the Year and won the Grammys.

But my all time favorite thing to happen was Ice Cube on Snapchat saying “if any of yall thought I was gonna stay for that whole 3 hours of bullshit, you out your mind” then proceeds to hit a blunt. HERO.

then we have Hilary Clintons dumbass tweet Screenshot (11)